Friday, September 30, 2011

Where do I begin...

It all started on Thursday September 22nd, I went prospecting with a friend from work and while out and about I heard Gabby coughing. It was like a barking like a seal type of cough, So, I thought GREAT croup. Made a mental note to taker her to see the ped the next day. The day continued normally and the kids went to bed. Around 11pm/11:30pm Gabby came to our bed, I felt her forehead and it was warm I got up and gave her some motrin; then tucked her in our bed.  Around 2am Ed woke me up and said "Lin, Gabby is burning up" I got up and her skin was the hottest I have ever felt another human being. I jumped up and ran to get a wash cloth. As I am wiping her down with a wash cloth she is shivering and Ed & I make the decision to take her to the ER. I quickly load her in the car and speed over to the ER. When we get there they immediately send her back. When they take her temp it 105! The nurse said that is borderline for a febrile seizure. They immediately give her a suppository. They also decide to send us for an X-Ray and bloodwork. The X-ray shows that she has some fluid in her lungs. they give her some iv antibiotics and steroids and send us home with a script for more antibiotics and to follow up with our pediatrician later that day. Later that morning we head over to the peds and concurs with the ER docs recommendations and sends us on our way. She takes the meds all weekend as directed and isn't getting better. Monday morning I take her to the peds office and they give her a shot of Rosefrin. Took Matthew to the allergist and while there she asks for juice. I give her juice and she throws it all up in the waiting room. I take her to the bathroom and wipe her down and change her (thankfully I had a change of clothes with me) it is then that I realized she hasn't peed for the day. I call the ped and tell them about the vomitting and the not peeing and he says I need to take her to the ER. When we (Matthew, Gabby & I) get to the ER they start her on IV fluids. She is super lethargic and has a fever. They give her another suppository and sends us for another x-ray. The pneumonia is still there and hasn't gotten better. Immediately the decision is to admit her. She is admitted and given meds around the clock. What an amazing pediatric staff west boca has. They have been so kind and so patient with her. Here we are on Friday and the pediatrician just came in and gave Gabby the once over, he said that she looks great and can go home. She is on strict orders to take it easy and we are to go into the office tomorrow for a follow up. FINALLY life can return to normal. Thank God that this hasn't been worse than it was and that we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life as a Working Wife/Mother

Well it looks like life is really about to get interesting. I recently started working for a company called Primerica Financial Services. What a blessing this has been. Honestly, when I started I was very pesimistic and unsure but as I stick around and learn and make money I am begining to realize that what we do isn't just a job, we are helping families...! We are helping family's get out of debt and make money. We are making sure that family's are properly protected with life insurance so that God forbid the worst happens the family will be able to financially survive! What I think I love the most about my job is the people. I work with a good team, and as I am there I am begining to notice that we just aren't work mates.... we are like a little family. People stop by my desk and ask me how am I doing? The ask if there is anything they can do to help me. EVEN the owner of the company sat down with me and talked to me about how good I have been doing and let me know I can go to him ANYTIME!!! They let me bring Gabby in and enjoy seeing her in the office. But honestly what amazes me the most is the heart of my new co-workers, they are Godly men and women. The entire company is based on God first, Family, then Work. I honestly feel so blessed to be given this previelge and look forward to allowing God to use me to help people. I hope to keep him always at the center of my life and look only to him for guidance and direction! I also pray that he gives me the boldness and the kindness to approach people I know and people I don't and not allow any type of fear to hinder me from helping those I can!

Luke 11:9
So I say to you, ask and it will be given to you;
Seek and you will find;
Knock and the door will be opened to you.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 16th 2011

Today was my birthday and what an AMAZING day it was. It started promptly at midnight from a phone call from my parents singing me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in unison. I am sooooooo blessed; 32yrs later they still love me and do all they can to make me happy!! (May I ALWAYS remember that!!) Then I woke up to sweet little people snickering and poking me... singing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The kids were soooo excited it was my birthday it just makes it all that much better. I then woke up to a feast of eggs, pastrami and bagels. Ed and the kids did such a great job and it was soooooo delicious (if this printing thing doesn't work out he may have just found his calling!!) After breakfast we all hung out (Edmar did the dishes and COMPLETELY cleaned the kitchen) and played super mario, and other randomness while waiting for my present to be delivered. The time finally came when my present arrived a beautiful glass top black stove from Ed, the kids and my parents!!! My parents then came over and we had a wonderful lunch. Edmar and my dad went to my parents home to do some home improvements while my mom cooked a FEAST for a king!! She made pumpkin, curry chicken, curry crab (MY FAVORITE) dhal, rice and roti. Ed then came home we all ate, sang happy birthday then had this amazing strawberry shortcake YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. During the day I got countless calls and texts from family and friends. So many people writing on my facebook wall wishing me well. I am OVERWHELMED with gratitude and sooooo humbled by their love for me. This was definitely a very special birthday and one I hope to never soon forget!! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tomorrow's the big day...!

I can't believe that tomorrow my little baby boy will be graduating from Pre-K; I am so excited and so proud of him. He has worked so hard this year and come so far. It seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant.... I blinked and he was in my arms, before I know it he started walkng and talking, and now here he is a strong, independent little man that is ALWAYS testing the limits of the world. I just can't believe it.

Mariah has exams this week so please pray for her.... She is so smart and so conident it BLOWS my mind. I love her attitude and her "go get em" attitude. She is the girl I always wanted to be growing up.

Little miss Gabby will be 3 on Saturday I am so happy and proud of  her too. She started pottytraining about 1wk ago is doing great. She is really becoming the little independent person I know she is.

I LOVE my family and I am so happy and blessed that I have the life I do!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Yesterday when I took Matthew to school he had a really hard time letting me go. For the first time he CRIED and didn't want me to leave. I felt so sad seeing him so upset and couldn't understand why. I tried everything to help calm his fears and then I told him I needed to go and would be back. I stepped outside and listened as my baby cried his little eyes out for me. I just REFUSED to leave while he was so upset but wanted to give his teacher a chance to calm him down. Eventually he did calm down and I was able to leave. When I went to pick him up they told me not only did he mellow out but that he won a treasure from the treasure chest because he knew the entire day of the week!!! I was so proud of my little man.

Anyhow, later that evening as Edmar was giving him a shower and getting him ready for bed I overheard this conversation

Daddy: So Mateo, how was school today? Did you learn a lot?
Matthew: NO! I cried, I don't like school.
Daddy: Why don't you like school? Don't you want to get a good education so you can be smart and get a good job and make lots of money and buy fast cars?!?!
Matthew: I don't need to go to school and get an education to make lots of money; I will just stand on the side of the road and wait for the cars to stop and give me MONEY :-)

I didn't hear much after this because I was laughing at the thought that my son thinks pan-handling is a CAREER!!! Aye Caramba!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 Years OLD

Yesterday was Matthew's 5th Birthday, I honestly can't believe its been 5yrs already.... It seems like just a minute ago we found out we were pregnant after 6.5 YEARS of infertility, then had a micarriage and thought all our hopes and dreams were gone of having another child; only to get pregnant and deliver a happy and healthy baby boy. What a blessing Matthew is in our lives. I remember when he was born and looking into his little face and thinking how lucky I was. Matthew from the get go was a high maintenance baby, he CONSTANTLY wanted to nurse or be held; I didn't mind it one bit, after 6.5yrs of infertility I myself wanted to hold him close all day and night. I remember waking up multiple times a night and my family making comments like "ugh that is the worst part of parenting" but for me it was the BEST.... it was a BLESSING and a PRIVILEGE, for so many years I WANTED someone to wake me in the middle of the night, someone to hold. My heart was full and my heart was happy.   Matthew makes life worth living, his zest for life and the way that he just NEVER stops makes me awe at how great and wonderful my God is, and how he has given me the desire of my heart to be a wife and a mother. That the children he chose to bless us with were perfect and hand picked just for us.  

Yesterday was his 5th Birthday, we got cupcakes and he celebrated with his class. He was so happy to be back at school with his friends. (this was his first day back since his surgery) Later that night my mom came by to say happy birthday and give him some lovin' then we went out to dinner and had them sing him "Happy Birthday", it was such a nice and lovely day despite the rain off and on ALL DAY LONG!!!

I honestly want to enjoy these years with my kids as I see them FLYING by, I want my kids to come and snuggle with me in my bed, lay and my lap and watch TV or just ask if I can rock them in the rocking chair. One day the will slowly start pulling away and doing there own things and for right now, when they want to be with me, I will drop everything and be with them..... It is my prayer that my all my kids ALWAYS feel loved and wanted.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Wonderful Day!

Today was a WONDERFUL day, how blessed I am. We got up and decided that we are going to take Matthew out to breakfast, we all got dressed and he chose "Dennys"! Matthew did so well, for the first time in almot 2 weeks I finally saw my son eat normally, he ate an adult grand slam all by himself.... Oh what a blessing. He has also been COMPLETELY off of pain meds for 2 days. After Denny's we went to Toys R Us, the kids had a blast, they played, they touched, they asked for everything they saw, we all just had a great time. We chose a couple of gifts for Matthew for his birthday. When we got home Ed and I got things ready for Matthew's 5Th Birthday Party. The guests included, Abuelo, Abuela, Tio Edgard, Uncle Ryan, Wendy, Grandma, Mrs Burack, Daniela, & Jackie. We had hamburgers and italian sausages. For apetizers we had a veggies and dip, chips, and deviled eggs.... yum yum YUM!! For dessert we had ice cream birthday cake. It was a strawberry cheesecake blizzard with Reeses and Oreo center!!  We also had a sponge pinata and everyone (including the adults ) took swings at good ol' sponge Bob.

I am so blessed to have a healthy child and be celebrating his birthday with so many family and friends that love him and love us. God has been so good to me and he has given me so much more than I deserve.... I am so grateful and so full of thanks for all he has done and continues to do...!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Could be worse...

Today I was thinking about Matthew and how he hasn't been himself. He is still in a lot of pain and because of the pain is hardly eating or drinking. He went about 18hrs without peeing.... We REALLY need to get him drinking and eating more whether he wants to or not. This morning he did very well he had an entire popsicle and about 4ozs of juice. We go to see the surgeon on Wednesday and HOPEFULLY he will be brand new by then!! Anyhow, I was thinking about how much pain he is in and how hard it is for me to see him like that;
then I thought, he only had a tonsil and adnoidectomy (a relatively minor procedure) What about all those parent of sick kids, kids who are VERY sick, or even terminal. Oh LORD what it must be like for them to watch their baby suffering. I just immediately prayed for all sick kids minor and major that the Lord would heal them and comfort them AND their parents.I also ask anyone reading my blog to pray for Matthew but also for these kids, you need not know their names because our father above does, you need not know their exact situation for he already knows. Just pray that they feel his love and his comfort and that he be a hedge of  protection over these families. Oh Lord I pray, Amen!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Surgery Day for Matthew

On Wednesday night we all went out for one last fun night before his surgery, my mom was there and we went out with the neighbors Alan & Linda, and their son Larry & grandson Zachary. The kids had a blast!! It was nice to get out and socialize. We got in a bit late, my mom took the girls to her house and Ed and I got ready for bed as Matthew needed to be at the hospital at 8am. I barely slept that night, I kept thinking about Matthew, about the procedure, about how he would react, about how he would feel.... My brain just WOULD NOT shut off. Edmar also told me that a few guys had taken off at work and that they were very under staffed and that he wasn't sure if he would be able to go to the hospital and be with Matthew and I. My heart seriously sank but I knew that he had a responsibility and that I needed to step up and be strong. The next morning we all got up, Matthew was in a grouchy mood because he was scared and probably tired from a late night out, Edmar was grouchy because he wanted soooooo bad to be there for his son that it broke his heart. I just did what needed to get done and didn't think. Making sure I had everything and that we were good to go. As I got into the van Edmar put Matthew in and hearing him tell him that he loved him and Matthew asking "Daddy I want you to come with me" was all it took to open the flood gates. Ed asked me if I was ok and I said yes I'll be fine... the tears just wouldn't stop though. While Matthew and I drove I thought of how Edmar might be feeling and Matthew kept asking why daddy couldn't come. I called Ed and asked him to see if there was any way he would get out or go in half a day, he said he will try and get back to me. We got to the hospital and I am busy trying to get Matthew out and all our loot together, the all of a sudden I hear BOO!! It was Edmar, he called and was able to get off work!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! I was ecstatic yet wanted to kill him for scaring me half to death.While getting out Matthew became a bit panicked I pulled out 1 of the 5 little presents I packed for him, throughout his time  That put him in a good mood and got his mind off why we were there.
      We went right in started the paper work and was sent right up. They had us wait for a bed (as everyone and their mother was having something done that day)  The nurse came in, took his vitals and then told us she would be back to give Matthew some medication to relax him he began freaking out and we told him all was well and that mommy and daddy were here. He took his meds like a champ and we gave him present # 2. The meds made him super goofy and our little boy went from being a grouchy and scared to happy and goofy. He was giggling and laughing up a storm that nurses kept popping their heads in to see who was laughing so much in the pre op area. (it was quite funny) The time came for him to go to the OR and we kissed him and told him we would be waiting for him and have a special gift for him when he was done, he said OK and gave us a big wave as he was wheeled off. The doctor walked us to the waiting room and told us the procedure should take about 45minutes - 1hr and that we would be called into recovery as soon as he is done. It was honestly such a blessing having Edmar there. We talked, laughed and just waited. The nurse came in and called us and took us back, they said  Matthew did great. When he saw us he whined and said "I want mommy to rub my back" I happily obliged. He told us his mouth hurt and the nurse gave him some meds We sat there with him as he fussed and fell asleep in between moments of pain. We then went up to the peds unit and was put in room 301 While there Matthew would get fussy so it was then I gave him present #3 That made him smile, he slept off and on but the pain was rough. He needed his pain meds every 4hrs on the clock. Our daytime nurse Labonne was really nice she took her time, was patient with Matthew and explained everything to us. She told us it was super important that he drink drink drink. Some we just gently pushed fluids. Later that evening after another dose of pain meds Matthew wanted to go check out the play room he heard about. so we went down and checked it out for a few minutes. It was so weird because Matthew normally would've been all over that room and into everything, now he walked slower, touched 2 toys and was ready to go back. That evening he was having issues take his pain meds so I told him if he cooperated he would get another present .... present #4. The night started off fine but then when I called the nurse in to give Matthew his pain meds at 9 and she didn't come for 1 HOUR, I was pissed and Matthew was crying in pain, I told her this was unacceptable and that we had been calling her for 1 hour. She apologized and said she just heard about it 5 minutes ago (which isn't true because I saw her get told in the beginning) Anyhow he got his meds at 10pm and that made a world of difference and he was asleep. Edmar and I discussed what we should do about me going home and we both decided that it was best I stay so that I can get on the nurses if need be, thankfully that wasn't necessary and the brought his meds in minutes after being asked  We had a rough night, with Matthew being in pain, the nurses coming in and out to check vitals and what not, I felt like I had been hit by a truck!!! At 7am out new nurse came in and said "ready to go home?" Oh how sweet those words were.  We got our stuff together Matthew ate an entire serving of jello (the requirement to be able to leave) I then gave him his 5th and final toy. We got our discharge papers and were wheeled out.
     I am so thankful that our stay there was short and that my son although uncomfortable is healthy. The entire peds floor was PACKED, every room taken even the PICU was full. So many sick kids. While walking by the PICU I saw this baby in a c rib on a ventilator and thought Lord you are so good to me, I prayed for the baby and her family and left feeling grateful.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


         It's finally spring break and with that brings some bitter sweet feelings. I am happy to have all my baby's home with me and able to spend some great quality time with them, but it also is a week full of dread, anticipation and nervousness. Matthew is scheduled to have his tonsils and adnoids removed on Thrusday. I am excited that he will finally be on his way to breathing better; but with that said this is surgery and with that there are ALWAYS risks. I wonder how he'll do, if he'll be scared, what do I tell him before hand, what is he going to feel like after....etc. etc. etc.  I just want my baby better and I don't want to see him in pain. Thankfully my mom and dad will have the girls and that makes me happy, but it will be Gabby's first time away from me (they are taking them to Naples for the night) and with that brings anxiety but when I feel meself getting anxious  I just remind myself that I am not in control the Lord is and he will take care of my baby's, those near and far.
    On another note Edmar and I got to attend a WONDERFUL marriage conference this weekend by Gary & Betsy Ricucci called "Love That Lasts" It was so wonderful to hear sound biblical doctrine on how we should be living as husband and wife and how our marrige is an example of God's love and care for us. We also got to see a lot of our "extended family" from Palm Vista, oh what a blessing it was to see these people and get to really hug on them.  I have missed them soooooo much. It was nice to see everyone and hear briefly how much things have changed since we last got to see each other.
    Matthew also learned how to ride a 2 wheeler and is doing AMAZINGLY well, he did take one pretty bad fall and somehow landed where he scratched his face near his eye on the right, how he did it I have no idea..... but he's Matthew and anything is possible with him. Gabby is riding her scooter and getting very good at it. She just wants to do everything her brother and sister do, Mariah had exams last week and did well, so I would like to make sure she has some fun even though things will be hectic.
     Well I think that is it for now.... be sure to check back and see how we do with Matthew and his surgery, please pray for him & Us....!

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's been way too long...

It ha definitey been WAY TOO LONG since my last post. Kids are getting bigger.

Mariah is now in 6th grade and doing well. She seems to have a lot of friends, and has adapted to her new school PERFECTLY!!

Matthew is still my crzy man, he seriously takes my breath away with the way he takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'! His newest accomplishment is riding a two wheeler. He learned it in just one day!!! At first he didn't know how to stop so when we would tell him to stop he would jump off the bike. It did stop him but we decided to show him an easier and less painful way of stopping. He still takes some major twists and tumbles but for the most part he is doing REALLY well. I know when I was learning to ride a bike I would fall once and not touch the bike for a week. Matthew will fall and get back up (even if he is limping) and get back on. I just pray that he always approaches things in his life this way never letting anything or anyone get him down for long.

Gabriella is becoming quite the fiesty one. Matthew will bother her or hit her and she will not think twice about pounding him. We are trying to work on this on both ends but I must say I am happy she defends herself. She loves Matthew's class and thinks his class is her class and that his friends are her friends. At pick up and drop off she takes longer than he does saying goodbye to all his classmates!! She is also INLOVE with all babies at the moment. The minute she sees a baby she goes right up and is at the baby's side until she is pryed away. Her two favorite babies at the moment is Jake R. and Avi G. She gives them hugs and kisses and loves on them every chance she gets. Its so sweet to see her in such a caring role, she will definitely be a good mama... (a very LONG LONG LONG time from now)

Edmar is doing well, work is going good and we thank God every day for that. With the economy and jobs being so scarce we are blessed. There are times where he gets super busy at work and we don't see him but its not all the time and we thank God for his provision for our family.

I am doing well, I had my surgery in August of last year and aside from the sleep apnea I am doing great. My life has really changed since my sleep apnea was diagnosed.

Well that is it for now, I will try and make an effort to log in weekly and keep updating our blog.
Bye for now...