Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not What We Wanted To Hear...

Well today we had my appointment to try and get the mass in my neck biopsied. After the doctor took one look he said that it is too big to be biosied and that I would need surgery to have my entire right tyroid removed, part of the middle and that he wanted to try and save the left side. I am not so sure.... I think they should just take it all out and be done with it so that we never have to worry about this again!! We will see though. I will definitely be praying for wisdom in this area. The doctor said that I will be down for at least 1wk...Thankfully we live close to family so that we can lean on them for help with the kids and whatnot.

Friday, July 2, 2010

THANK YOU LORD, for ALL your kind mercies...

Today was definitely a  day I will not soon forget, and that is not in a good way. We (my mom, the kids and I) went out today with our friends Maria and her two girls. We were having a blast going all over the place... My mom and I decided to stop in at T MOBILE and since it was raining we left Maria in the car with the kids. Just as we were wraping up at T MOBILE Mariah runs into the store crying and screaming at the top of her lungs that Matthew is CHOKING and needs HELP!! My heart dropped, in the back the store attendant asked me if she should call 911 and as I was running out to help my son I said YES. I get out and Matthew had managed to tightly wrap Maria's seatbelt (she was sitting between both babies carseats) around his neck. His face was bright red and EVERYONE was panicing.... ESPECIALLY Mariah. I thought, OH My God!! I got in and tried to unwrap his head but it was tightly stuck and everytime he moved or we pulled on it it got tighter. Maria yelled for scissors and I took my key out of the ignition and told Maria to let go of a spot and I unlocked the belt and freed him..... THANK YOU LORD. I keep replaying this in my mind, how the Lord gave me the peace to think clearly. How this situation could've ended up sooooo much worse. I am just soooo thankful that my baby is sleeping in MY bed (yes the little ones sleep with us, part of the night) safe and sound. Oh how I am grateful that this wasn't worse.

Things happen in a blink of an eye.... you can really never watch your kids enough, thank God that I have a loving and faithful savior that is WATCHING and CARING for my kids 24/7!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Growing up...

Yesterday when I took the kids swimming I went into the pool with my phone in my pocket!! Thankfully I was looking into getting a phone anyway but still it was more abruptly upon us than I expected. We also decided to bite the bullet and get Mariah her very first cell phone. I personally still can't believe we got her a cell phone but she is a smart, good, responsible kid. I just still can't believe we are here.... I mean she will be going to middle school in a few weeks!! Sometimes I feel like I just became a mom for the first time a few weeks ago. When people say this time flies THEY ARE NOT KIDDING.

Well that is it for our "new" news. I actually have time to post today because Matthew AND Gabriella are both taking a nap AT THE SAME TIME!! Oh what should I do with this precious time!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last Day of School ----Let the Summer Fun Begin---

Today was the last day of school.... whoo hooo, let the pool fun, beach days, fun days BEGIN!! I am so excited this summer I plan to really enjoy myself. All the kids are now getting old enough to really enjoy things and with Gabby now being older she doesn't need the constant feedings, and naps that she did when she was younger.

Well that's it for today, nothing too interesting. Edmar brought home an axe from work in an attempt to chop down this MAJOR eye sore we have in our back patio. Unfortunately the plant won and we are going to have to pony up the extra $$$ to have it professionally taken care of. (whatever that means)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The End of an Era...

It's amazing how I can clearly remember the first day I walked Mariah in to kindergarten. She was soooo excited and proud to be going to a "big girl school" I worried about her and if she would miss me. I worried if she would be one of those kids that cried as I left, if so how would I deal with that. THANKFULLY Mariah LOVED school and was sooooo excited for her new freedom from me and independence to be on her own. I cried more on her first day than she did, I cried because I was so happy and proud at what a well adjusted child she had become. I was proud that she was confident enough to walk into a room and be her own person. I was proud that she was polite and well mannered. I became the class mom always trying to remember not to smother. I remember how proud I would feel when I would go to meet Mariah for lunch and all her friends would say they were jealous their mom's didn't do that, Mariah just had a smile from ear to ear letting me know THIS is what life is all about!! THESE are the little moments that we wait for. First grade came with a rush, Mariah experienced a lot of changes this year. Not only was her teacher having a baby and going out on maternity leave but we were about to welcome our second miracle into the world. She took it all in stride. Never once complaining. Second grade came and went with Ms Russel, Mariah had so much fun that year and learned sooooooo much. I too learned that learning doesn't have to be rigid it can be FUN. I must admit I was nervous at first thinking that all fun and no work what was my child learning but Mariah begged me to not to switch her out and so I did and that year she blossomed so much academically. Third grade came and even though it had a few rough spots Mariah came through LIKE A CHAMP, she became a big sister AGAIN and took it all in stride. Fourth grade was tough, Mariah learned that sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, and that sometimes we don't always get teachers we like, and the work gets harder but none the less we must respect them and pray for them. Then fifth grade came.... lots of new changes including but not limited to science fcat, 3 teachers instead of 1 and LOTS more work and responsibility. Looking back I am so proud at the young woman my daughter has become and my prayer for her is that she stays true to herself, and that she always remembers how much we love her. I still can't believe her elementary days are over.... I find myself panicing worrying if I am ready and then I remember!! I WILL NEVER BE READY, but with the Lord by my side I can handle ANYTHING, and can she!! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

And it's only just begun!!

      This morning after dropping Mariah to school the little one's and I went to publix... I quickly picked up a few neccesities and headed for home. On the way home I got this "BRILLIANT" idea (can you hear the exaggeration in my text?) to WASH our family van while letting my wonderfully behaved children eat breakfast at their table in the garage..... First off, breakfast was more of a wrestling match between the two with shouts from each corner to me about the other one not sharing and taking too much.... now before you wonder  why I would make two little ones share, I didn't; they each had their seperate place, and plate with their own portions. So me washing the van became a little bit of washing, a little dicipline and a few yells of DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!  Halfway through washing the van I seriously contemplated taking it to a local detailer and letting them finish the job but I thought of my husband and how happy he would be to know that I washed the van for him (I drive it but he washes it... its a great system that worked; yet I felt the need to mess with it WHY!?!?) The kids started to really act up so I sent them inside for Dora to babysit (I know bad mama but drastic times call for drastic measures and I am not afraid to call on Dora, Ni Hao, or any or the shows they like to watch when I am in a bind) I washed the van, which looks AMAZING I might add. I shined the rims, sprayed some black wet jet (I think that's what its called)  to make the tires shine.... I hope my hubby will be proud.

Well it's only 11:30 and there is LOTS to do today. Mariah graduated elementary school tomorrow which is such an emotional thing for me. I can't believe that my BABY is going to middle school.