Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not What We Wanted To Hear...

Well today we had my appointment to try and get the mass in my neck biopsied. After the doctor took one look he said that it is too big to be biosied and that I would need surgery to have my entire right tyroid removed, part of the middle and that he wanted to try and save the left side. I am not so sure.... I think they should just take it all out and be done with it so that we never have to worry about this again!! We will see though. I will definitely be praying for wisdom in this area. The doctor said that I will be down for at least 1wk...Thankfully we live close to family so that we can lean on them for help with the kids and whatnot.

Friday, July 2, 2010

THANK YOU LORD, for ALL your kind mercies...

Today was definitely a  day I will not soon forget, and that is not in a good way. We (my mom, the kids and I) went out today with our friends Maria and her two girls. We were having a blast going all over the place... My mom and I decided to stop in at T MOBILE and since it was raining we left Maria in the car with the kids. Just as we were wraping up at T MOBILE Mariah runs into the store crying and screaming at the top of her lungs that Matthew is CHOKING and needs HELP!! My heart dropped, in the back the store attendant asked me if she should call 911 and as I was running out to help my son I said YES. I get out and Matthew had managed to tightly wrap Maria's seatbelt (she was sitting between both babies carseats) around his neck. His face was bright red and EVERYONE was panicing.... ESPECIALLY Mariah. I thought, OH My God!! I got in and tried to unwrap his head but it was tightly stuck and everytime he moved or we pulled on it it got tighter. Maria yelled for scissors and I took my key out of the ignition and told Maria to let go of a spot and I unlocked the belt and freed him..... THANK YOU LORD. I keep replaying this in my mind, how the Lord gave me the peace to think clearly. How this situation could've ended up sooooo much worse. I am just soooo thankful that my baby is sleeping in MY bed (yes the little ones sleep with us, part of the night) safe and sound. Oh how I am grateful that this wasn't worse.

Things happen in a blink of an eye.... you can really never watch your kids enough, thank God that I have a loving and faithful savior that is WATCHING and CARING for my kids 24/7!!!