Friday, March 4, 2011

It's been way too long...

It ha definitey been WAY TOO LONG since my last post. Kids are getting bigger.

Mariah is now in 6th grade and doing well. She seems to have a lot of friends, and has adapted to her new school PERFECTLY!!

Matthew is still my crzy man, he seriously takes my breath away with the way he takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'! His newest accomplishment is riding a two wheeler. He learned it in just one day!!! At first he didn't know how to stop so when we would tell him to stop he would jump off the bike. It did stop him but we decided to show him an easier and less painful way of stopping. He still takes some major twists and tumbles but for the most part he is doing REALLY well. I know when I was learning to ride a bike I would fall once and not touch the bike for a week. Matthew will fall and get back up (even if he is limping) and get back on. I just pray that he always approaches things in his life this way never letting anything or anyone get him down for long.

Gabriella is becoming quite the fiesty one. Matthew will bother her or hit her and she will not think twice about pounding him. We are trying to work on this on both ends but I must say I am happy she defends herself. She loves Matthew's class and thinks his class is her class and that his friends are her friends. At pick up and drop off she takes longer than he does saying goodbye to all his classmates!! She is also INLOVE with all babies at the moment. The minute she sees a baby she goes right up and is at the baby's side until she is pryed away. Her two favorite babies at the moment is Jake R. and Avi G. She gives them hugs and kisses and loves on them every chance she gets. Its so sweet to see her in such a caring role, she will definitely be a good mama... (a very LONG LONG LONG time from now)

Edmar is doing well, work is going good and we thank God every day for that. With the economy and jobs being so scarce we are blessed. There are times where he gets super busy at work and we don't see him but its not all the time and we thank God for his provision for our family.

I am doing well, I had my surgery in August of last year and aside from the sleep apnea I am doing great. My life has really changed since my sleep apnea was diagnosed.

Well that is it for now, I will try and make an effort to log in weekly and keep updating our blog.
Bye for now...

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