Friday, September 30, 2011

Where do I begin...

It all started on Thursday September 22nd, I went prospecting with a friend from work and while out and about I heard Gabby coughing. It was like a barking like a seal type of cough, So, I thought GREAT croup. Made a mental note to taker her to see the ped the next day. The day continued normally and the kids went to bed. Around 11pm/11:30pm Gabby came to our bed, I felt her forehead and it was warm I got up and gave her some motrin; then tucked her in our bed.  Around 2am Ed woke me up and said "Lin, Gabby is burning up" I got up and her skin was the hottest I have ever felt another human being. I jumped up and ran to get a wash cloth. As I am wiping her down with a wash cloth she is shivering and Ed & I make the decision to take her to the ER. I quickly load her in the car and speed over to the ER. When we get there they immediately send her back. When they take her temp it 105! The nurse said that is borderline for a febrile seizure. They immediately give her a suppository. They also decide to send us for an X-Ray and bloodwork. The X-ray shows that she has some fluid in her lungs. they give her some iv antibiotics and steroids and send us home with a script for more antibiotics and to follow up with our pediatrician later that day. Later that morning we head over to the peds and concurs with the ER docs recommendations and sends us on our way. She takes the meds all weekend as directed and isn't getting better. Monday morning I take her to the peds office and they give her a shot of Rosefrin. Took Matthew to the allergist and while there she asks for juice. I give her juice and she throws it all up in the waiting room. I take her to the bathroom and wipe her down and change her (thankfully I had a change of clothes with me) it is then that I realized she hasn't peed for the day. I call the ped and tell them about the vomitting and the not peeing and he says I need to take her to the ER. When we (Matthew, Gabby & I) get to the ER they start her on IV fluids. She is super lethargic and has a fever. They give her another suppository and sends us for another x-ray. The pneumonia is still there and hasn't gotten better. Immediately the decision is to admit her. She is admitted and given meds around the clock. What an amazing pediatric staff west boca has. They have been so kind and so patient with her. Here we are on Friday and the pediatrician just came in and gave Gabby the once over, he said that she looks great and can go home. She is on strict orders to take it easy and we are to go into the office tomorrow for a follow up. FINALLY life can return to normal. Thank God that this hasn't been worse than it was and that we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

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