Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 16th 2011

Today was my birthday and what an AMAZING day it was. It started promptly at midnight from a phone call from my parents singing me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in unison. I am sooooooo blessed; 32yrs later they still love me and do all they can to make me happy!! (May I ALWAYS remember that!!) Then I woke up to sweet little people snickering and poking me... singing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The kids were soooo excited it was my birthday it just makes it all that much better. I then woke up to a feast of eggs, pastrami and bagels. Ed and the kids did such a great job and it was soooooo delicious (if this printing thing doesn't work out he may have just found his calling!!) After breakfast we all hung out (Edmar did the dishes and COMPLETELY cleaned the kitchen) and played super mario, and other randomness while waiting for my present to be delivered. The time finally came when my present arrived a beautiful glass top black stove from Ed, the kids and my parents!!! My parents then came over and we had a wonderful lunch. Edmar and my dad went to my parents home to do some home improvements while my mom cooked a FEAST for a king!! She made pumpkin, curry chicken, curry crab (MY FAVORITE) dhal, rice and roti. Ed then came home we all ate, sang happy birthday then had this amazing strawberry shortcake YUMMY IN MY TUMMY. During the day I got countless calls and texts from family and friends. So many people writing on my facebook wall wishing me well. I am OVERWHELMED with gratitude and sooooo humbled by their love for me. This was definitely a very special birthday and one I hope to never soon forget!! 

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