Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tomorrow's the big day...!

I can't believe that tomorrow my little baby boy will be graduating from Pre-K; I am so excited and so proud of him. He has worked so hard this year and come so far. It seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant.... I blinked and he was in my arms, before I know it he started walkng and talking, and now here he is a strong, independent little man that is ALWAYS testing the limits of the world. I just can't believe it.

Mariah has exams this week so please pray for her.... She is so smart and so conident it BLOWS my mind. I love her attitude and her "go get em" attitude. She is the girl I always wanted to be growing up.

Little miss Gabby will be 3 on Saturday I am so happy and proud of  her too. She started pottytraining about 1wk ago is doing great. She is really becoming the little independent person I know she is.

I LOVE my family and I am so happy and blessed that I have the life I do!!

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