Friday, April 8, 2011


Yesterday when I took Matthew to school he had a really hard time letting me go. For the first time he CRIED and didn't want me to leave. I felt so sad seeing him so upset and couldn't understand why. I tried everything to help calm his fears and then I told him I needed to go and would be back. I stepped outside and listened as my baby cried his little eyes out for me. I just REFUSED to leave while he was so upset but wanted to give his teacher a chance to calm him down. Eventually he did calm down and I was able to leave. When I went to pick him up they told me not only did he mellow out but that he won a treasure from the treasure chest because he knew the entire day of the week!!! I was so proud of my little man.

Anyhow, later that evening as Edmar was giving him a shower and getting him ready for bed I overheard this conversation

Daddy: So Mateo, how was school today? Did you learn a lot?
Matthew: NO! I cried, I don't like school.
Daddy: Why don't you like school? Don't you want to get a good education so you can be smart and get a good job and make lots of money and buy fast cars?!?!
Matthew: I don't need to go to school and get an education to make lots of money; I will just stand on the side of the road and wait for the cars to stop and give me MONEY :-)

I didn't hear much after this because I was laughing at the thought that my son thinks pan-handling is a CAREER!!! Aye Caramba!!

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