Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 Years OLD

Yesterday was Matthew's 5th Birthday, I honestly can't believe its been 5yrs already.... It seems like just a minute ago we found out we were pregnant after 6.5 YEARS of infertility, then had a micarriage and thought all our hopes and dreams were gone of having another child; only to get pregnant and deliver a happy and healthy baby boy. What a blessing Matthew is in our lives. I remember when he was born and looking into his little face and thinking how lucky I was. Matthew from the get go was a high maintenance baby, he CONSTANTLY wanted to nurse or be held; I didn't mind it one bit, after 6.5yrs of infertility I myself wanted to hold him close all day and night. I remember waking up multiple times a night and my family making comments like "ugh that is the worst part of parenting" but for me it was the BEST.... it was a BLESSING and a PRIVILEGE, for so many years I WANTED someone to wake me in the middle of the night, someone to hold. My heart was full and my heart was happy.   Matthew makes life worth living, his zest for life and the way that he just NEVER stops makes me awe at how great and wonderful my God is, and how he has given me the desire of my heart to be a wife and a mother. That the children he chose to bless us with were perfect and hand picked just for us.  

Yesterday was his 5th Birthday, we got cupcakes and he celebrated with his class. He was so happy to be back at school with his friends. (this was his first day back since his surgery) Later that night my mom came by to say happy birthday and give him some lovin' then we went out to dinner and had them sing him "Happy Birthday", it was such a nice and lovely day despite the rain off and on ALL DAY LONG!!!

I honestly want to enjoy these years with my kids as I see them FLYING by, I want my kids to come and snuggle with me in my bed, lay and my lap and watch TV or just ask if I can rock them in the rocking chair. One day the will slowly start pulling away and doing there own things and for right now, when they want to be with me, I will drop everything and be with them..... It is my prayer that my all my kids ALWAYS feel loved and wanted.

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