Friday, March 18, 2011

Surgery Day for Matthew

On Wednesday night we all went out for one last fun night before his surgery, my mom was there and we went out with the neighbors Alan & Linda, and their son Larry & grandson Zachary. The kids had a blast!! It was nice to get out and socialize. We got in a bit late, my mom took the girls to her house and Ed and I got ready for bed as Matthew needed to be at the hospital at 8am. I barely slept that night, I kept thinking about Matthew, about the procedure, about how he would react, about how he would feel.... My brain just WOULD NOT shut off. Edmar also told me that a few guys had taken off at work and that they were very under staffed and that he wasn't sure if he would be able to go to the hospital and be with Matthew and I. My heart seriously sank but I knew that he had a responsibility and that I needed to step up and be strong. The next morning we all got up, Matthew was in a grouchy mood because he was scared and probably tired from a late night out, Edmar was grouchy because he wanted soooooo bad to be there for his son that it broke his heart. I just did what needed to get done and didn't think. Making sure I had everything and that we were good to go. As I got into the van Edmar put Matthew in and hearing him tell him that he loved him and Matthew asking "Daddy I want you to come with me" was all it took to open the flood gates. Ed asked me if I was ok and I said yes I'll be fine... the tears just wouldn't stop though. While Matthew and I drove I thought of how Edmar might be feeling and Matthew kept asking why daddy couldn't come. I called Ed and asked him to see if there was any way he would get out or go in half a day, he said he will try and get back to me. We got to the hospital and I am busy trying to get Matthew out and all our loot together, the all of a sudden I hear BOO!! It was Edmar, he called and was able to get off work!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! I was ecstatic yet wanted to kill him for scaring me half to death.While getting out Matthew became a bit panicked I pulled out 1 of the 5 little presents I packed for him, throughout his time  That put him in a good mood and got his mind off why we were there.
      We went right in started the paper work and was sent right up. They had us wait for a bed (as everyone and their mother was having something done that day)  The nurse came in, took his vitals and then told us she would be back to give Matthew some medication to relax him he began freaking out and we told him all was well and that mommy and daddy were here. He took his meds like a champ and we gave him present # 2. The meds made him super goofy and our little boy went from being a grouchy and scared to happy and goofy. He was giggling and laughing up a storm that nurses kept popping their heads in to see who was laughing so much in the pre op area. (it was quite funny) The time came for him to go to the OR and we kissed him and told him we would be waiting for him and have a special gift for him when he was done, he said OK and gave us a big wave as he was wheeled off. The doctor walked us to the waiting room and told us the procedure should take about 45minutes - 1hr and that we would be called into recovery as soon as he is done. It was honestly such a blessing having Edmar there. We talked, laughed and just waited. The nurse came in and called us and took us back, they said  Matthew did great. When he saw us he whined and said "I want mommy to rub my back" I happily obliged. He told us his mouth hurt and the nurse gave him some meds We sat there with him as he fussed and fell asleep in between moments of pain. We then went up to the peds unit and was put in room 301 While there Matthew would get fussy so it was then I gave him present #3 That made him smile, he slept off and on but the pain was rough. He needed his pain meds every 4hrs on the clock. Our daytime nurse Labonne was really nice she took her time, was patient with Matthew and explained everything to us. She told us it was super important that he drink drink drink. Some we just gently pushed fluids. Later that evening after another dose of pain meds Matthew wanted to go check out the play room he heard about. so we went down and checked it out for a few minutes. It was so weird because Matthew normally would've been all over that room and into everything, now he walked slower, touched 2 toys and was ready to go back. That evening he was having issues take his pain meds so I told him if he cooperated he would get another present .... present #4. The night started off fine but then when I called the nurse in to give Matthew his pain meds at 9 and she didn't come for 1 HOUR, I was pissed and Matthew was crying in pain, I told her this was unacceptable and that we had been calling her for 1 hour. She apologized and said she just heard about it 5 minutes ago (which isn't true because I saw her get told in the beginning) Anyhow he got his meds at 10pm and that made a world of difference and he was asleep. Edmar and I discussed what we should do about me going home and we both decided that it was best I stay so that I can get on the nurses if need be, thankfully that wasn't necessary and the brought his meds in minutes after being asked  We had a rough night, with Matthew being in pain, the nurses coming in and out to check vitals and what not, I felt like I had been hit by a truck!!! At 7am out new nurse came in and said "ready to go home?" Oh how sweet those words were.  We got our stuff together Matthew ate an entire serving of jello (the requirement to be able to leave) I then gave him his 5th and final toy. We got our discharge papers and were wheeled out.
     I am so thankful that our stay there was short and that my son although uncomfortable is healthy. The entire peds floor was PACKED, every room taken even the PICU was full. So many sick kids. While walking by the PICU I saw this baby in a c rib on a ventilator and thought Lord you are so good to me, I prayed for the baby and her family and left feeling grateful.

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