Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Matthew

6 years ago my biggest prayer was answered. The Lord graciously and mercifully gave Ed and I a son to love, and care for. A son to train up to be a Godly man who serves the Lord with his entire heart. After almost 7 years of infertility I began to give up thinking that having a son was only a dream. I can't even begin to tell you how I felt the day I found out I was pregnant. I was excited, nervous, yet calm all at the same time. I felt my heavenly father's love just wash over me like rain. Matthew was due on April 9th, section scheduled for April 2nd. On the morning of March 28th Ed and I went to Best Buy to look for a digital camera to use during delivery. Later that day we had lunch and went to my doctor's appt. At the appt the doctor saw that there was a little trace of protein in my urine and that my BP was begining to rise. She said that it would probably be best to deliver him tonight as she was going out of town that weekend and didn't think I would make it to my April 2nd section date. Since I had just eaten she told me to get things ready and get to the hospital by 7pm. Ed & I scrambled and ran telling our parents, making sure Mariah was picked up and had everything she would need while I was away. We got to the hospital at 7 pm and while they prepped me Ed went to get himself dinner. He had the dinner of champions.... A WHOPPER MEAL from BK. He was kind enough not to eat in front of my but did bring his huge drink in the room which made ridiculously thirsty once I saw it. I was prepped for the OR and taken back. They gave me a spinal this time instead of the epidural I had with Mariah because it wears off quicker and is more localized. I lay there looking into my husbands eyes awaiting the little screams of my handsome baby boy. Before we knew it the doctor said "get ready daddy its time" Ed assumed his position and took pictures as Matthew was lifted out of my womb. He was sooooooooooo cute. He looked like an old man with a receeding hairline and all. He was wiped up and brought to me for cuddles. I remember just thanking the Lord for taking us through this journey so far safely. Matthew Mark Espinosa was born, a healthy 8lbs 12ozs full head of hair. 10 fingers, 10 toes. I couldn't even in my best dream imagine this moment. I hope to hold on to this memory forever. Matthew will forever be a reminder to me that the Lord DOES answer your prayers. It may not be when you ask or how you ask but he answers each and every one. My son makes my heart smile and my soul glad.... he truly is a blessing beyond measure. HAPPY 6th Birthday Matthew xoxo

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